Monday, September 17, 2012

We've Expanded!!

We are very excited to have expanded our shop. We have a great shop in a fabulously cute mini mall in a historic part of Prescott Arizona...but then the lil spot next door to us came open...should we...shouldnt we someone else moved in....but then they didnt again the offer...should we...shouldnt we...WE DID! Time will tell if this was a good move. For now it feels good and has opened our space to a better flow...

We started with taking the wall down that separated the two shops, and put up plastic as we readied the space next door for the merge....Then came the day we were ready to...tear...that...plastic...down!!

And here we are...I don't mean to brag...oh wait, yes I do...we did a fabulous job and have a beautiful store!!! Penelope looks regal in her new spot. :)

I love having the bath and body all on one time to get making and stocking for the Holiday season! :)

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Sedona Soapworks said...

Looks awesome, great job!!!!!!