Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sugar Scrub Cubes

I was on a mission to get our sugar scrub cubes inventory back up....and this weekend I got a lot done! :)

I made our usual fave scents...Lilac...White Tea & Ginger...Vanilla Frosting...Arizona Sunshine...Raspberry Explosion...Then I made a few holiday favorites...Pumpkin Spice...Pumpkin Crunch...Gingered Apples.

To use you take 1 – 2 cubes into the shower or tub with you. Moisten and flatten into the palm of your hand and rub over your skin, paying extra attention to any rough spots. The cube will begin to emulsify and gently cleanse your skin while you exfoliate.

Our sugar scrub cubes sell for $7.oo a jar. Each jar weighs around 6 ounces and is filled with 16 cubes. We can make them up in any scent we carry, feel free to contact us for any special requests.


Anne-Marie said...

What fun scents! They all look fabulous and your packaging is great!

thetoddlerwhisperer said...

they look fantastic!

Luster Canyon said...

Thank you Anne-Marie and ToddlerWhisperer...They are fun to make!!