Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Report...

...The weekend isnt over yet...but my report wont change...still in my jammers thanks to a bout with food poisoning. :(

Woke up Friday at 3am SICKER THAN SICK!! At 6am I woke up my daughter to help me...nothing she could do, but I guess I just needed someome up with me...hubby was working.

When hubby came home at 10am...I reached the point of thinking I was going to was time to go to the Emergency Room...where I spent most of Friday getting 2 IV bags of fluid and 2 doses of whatever that wonderful stuff that helps your stomach not feel so ill.

We grilled chicken the night before, but mine apparently wasnt done all the way, or we thawed it wrong...either way I think it might be ahwile before I want chicken again.

So have been resting up trying to feel better for our mini getaway this week.


Plantress said...

aw hope you get your strength back soon. Try to think of it as extreme dieting! :)

Luster Canyon said...

LOL sure felt extreme! Feeling a touch better this afternoon, so it is actually a good thing we are having a mini getaway right now to give me a couple days to rest.