Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Product Spotlight – Soap Bars

Handcrafted soaps, also known as "handmade or homemade soap", can be made from scratch by using either the cold or hot process methods…we use the cold process method.

Soap is created by combining correctly measured blend of fatty acids (oils) and sodium hydroxide (lye), and when the fatty acids come into contact with the sodium hydroxide and it goes through a process called Saponification. Saponification literally means "soap making" from the root word, "sapo", which is Latin for soap. The by-products of the Saponification reaction are glycerin and soap, because when prepared properly the transformation leaves no lye remaining in the soap and your results are a pure and safe bar of soap.

At Luster Canyon, Inc. use quality ingredients, beginning our recipes with a variety of vegetable oils such as Coconut, Olive and Palm. We then add specialty oils and butters, that when combined together bring all the best qualities to your completed bar of soap.

Fragrance oils or essential oils are sometimes added for scent, and for color or design; we use cosmetic-grade micas, pigments, and natural herbs and spices.

Our soap bars are priced from $4.00 to $5.00 per bar, at our Etsy site.

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