Monday, May 24, 2010

Heading to Vegas!

Tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary so we are heading to Vegas today!! It will be my first time here, and we are only staying 2 nights, but with everything I want to do…I forsee another trip in the future.

We are scheduled to see a show on the night we arrive. La Reve. We wanted to see one of the cirque du soliel shows…but wouldn’t you know our luck, they are sold out those 2 nights we are there…so La Reve it is!

I also hope to see the Treasure Island Pirate Show, Bellagio Fountains, Freemont Street, Mirage Volcano…and since most things are best viewed or only viewed at night…it will be hard packing this all in...especially since I am still not 100% back to better. But whatever we do, even if just chilling by the pool at our borrowed will be great!!

We are leaving the Etsy shop open, and any orders received will mail out Thursday.

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Plantress said...

look at that lovely couple in the photo! Sounds like a fun trip for the 2 of you.
I have been married 26 years and while he drives me crazy I love him so!