Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scent Spotlight – Unscented

Let’s take a closer look at our scents…what do we offer…what do they smell like…what do our customers say about them.

Lets first start with Unscented…I know, I know…that has no scent!! Exactly!! There should be no scent at all in your unscented lotion, and at first I was surprised when people seemed amazed by this. They say some lotions have a smell/odor to them. I am not sure what would cause this, but it may depend on their additives? But at Luster Canyon our unscented lotion smells like….well nothing.

So who would want to have a lotion that smells like nothing??
** Someone with sensitivities to smells
** Someone who likes to wear their favorite perfume and not have a competing scent on their skin
** And some people just like to have unscented lotion as they prefer to moisturize with no smell at all.

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