Monday, August 19, 2013

White Tea & Ginger Soap

Why o Why did I wait so long to buy this mold. I am really enjoying the wide open spaces to swirly away in.

Today I made White Tea & Ginger. This scent is a lovely feminine fragrance of delicate white tea with a hint of fresh ginger.
I poured too much batter off for the color, so it sort of takes over the top, and I tried something new, not too sure the picture picks it up well, but there are small veins of glittery mica running throughout the top...

And here are the bars the next day, ready to finish curing before making their way to the shop.

I love the shimmery look of the mica...I think I am going to have to try this method again.

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Cee Gee said...

So pretty, the swirls are beautiful and I love that the mica stayed glittery!