Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge - Holly Swirl

This months challenge from Great Cakes Soapworks is called the Holly Swirl, created by Holly from Missouri River Soaps. It is an in the pot swirl-swirl.

I decided to soap a sample scent I received, Black Cherry. I went with charcoal for my base color and a red and white swirl.

I brought my soap to trace, measured out my colors and poured the black soap into the mold. In a separate container I layered my red and white soap batters, and now am ready to swirl them into the black. 

Decided to try an action shot and snap a picture of the pour...oh yeah this was not a good idea!!  

I like to start my pours high to get to the bottom and then move the pour closer to the mold as I go...but for some reason I poured the entire swirl...down the center...ONLY! Well this isn't going to come out as planned.

Next I layered on litte bits of the extra soap...maybe I can salvage this batch with a pretty top?

I swirled it around a bit and sent it off to the oven to gel...while I went off and pouted at my silly mistake.

So what do you think??

*sigh* I know it had such potential. Also...I really do not like my new stick blender, this one puts soooo many air bubbles in my soap, which really shows up on the charcoal. :(

The upside here...this soap smells wonderful!! Why have I not soaped this scent before? It behaved beautifully, so I will need to give it another go sometime.

Be sure to come back to see if I had better luck on try #2.


Anonymous said...

Your top swirl is beautiful! Your cut soap looks like it has chili peppers. :-) good luck on your second try! I had better luck the second time around. I really enjoy doing the holly swirl that I made a third one, but it did not work out. I guess luck strikes the second time around. :-)

Christina said...

I think it looks great Stacie. Love the colors.

Cee Gee said...

I love it, I think your swirl turned out fantastic!

Heidi said...

Hi! What stick blender did you use?! I just made a batch of soap last night and this is EXACTLY how my bars look. Tiny spots all over the place! I know how you feel. It's so upsetting and frustrating and a complete let down when you work so hard on soap.