Monday, July 22, 2013

New Slab Mold

I have never had a slab mold before but I have been eyeing these birchwood molds that have the dividers...and when they made silicone liners for them...well I was sold!!! No more lining?? No more cutting?? I am in!!
I had read that the soaps unmold easier from this type of mold with the addition of sodium lactate, so this was my first time using this ingredient. Sodium Lactate is a natural humectant that also produces a harder bar of soap, which helps it last longer in the shower.
So when my mold arrived I couldn't wait to make a batch of soap so I got everything all ready...The black electrical tape you see on the mold was all I could think to use as a marker guide so I didn't overfill and have big fat bars that wouldn't fit into my soap bags.
I stayed simple using only fragrance and no colors...I wasn't sure how this was going to was extremely smooth and easy!! I filled the slab up to my tape maker...forgot a picture of it filled...then I inserted the dividers into the wet soap mixture. I like to CPOP (cold process oven process) so I laid the cover over the mold and into the oven it went.  
This soap is scented with Dragons Blood. It looks creamy in color when making...then darkens to a deep brown for this end result.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stacie, this mold looks awesome, is it the one from Brambleberry? I have ordered one too, which should arrive soon. I cannot wait :-)I love how your soap looks, so shiny and smooth.

Luster Canyon said...

Yes Rebekka it is the one from Brambleberry, and yes they come out shiny and smooth and that is one of my favorite things about it. It creates such a finished polished look, and by adding your divders in onto the soap batter it bevels the edges for you. Very excited and happy with this mold. Cant wait to see what you make in yours. :)

Anne-Marie said...

I'm so excited that you were finally able to get one of the slab molds with the silicone liner. Your soap turned out great!

Cee Gee said...

I have a smaller divider mold and I LOVE it, it's so nice to be able to get smooth and even bars every time! I think I might have to save up for that 18-bar one though, does it hold about 4 pounds of soap? Hope you have lots of fun with your new mold, I love that deep color of your Dragons Blood soap and your stamp is so cute!