Monday, July 8, 2013

Iced Tea with Lemon

How fun and summery is this guy?!
I first made the "lemons" and "ice cubes". After they cooled I cut the ice cube shapes and embedded them in brown colored glycerin soap, as I got closer to the top I added the lemons. This soap is even scented with an iced tea fragrance for cool summer fun.
This weeks batch of soaps is below, I had a lot of fun making all of what can I create next?


Anne-Marie said...

Super cute! It really does look like a tall glass of refreshing iced tea. =)

Cee Gee said...

How fun! I can just imagine how good it smells, love it!

Luster Canyon said...

Thank you Anne-Marie and Cee Gee. It was fun to make something a little outside the box.