Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Jam - Plum and Mango

I occasionally participate in a co-op food program through Bountiful Baskets. If you have this in your area you should check it out. On top of the basic fruit/veggie baskets they also offer various buys of cases of certain items. This week plums and mangos were available...and try as we might, Baby Girl and I just could not eat 11lbs of plums fast enough, so I figured it was jam time...

First I pitted the plums and put them in my vitamix, skins and all and blended until I had the 6 cups of fruit needed.

I followed the Sure-Jell recipe and filled my warm jars...(can you believe I had only one splatter?? I am usually quite messy.)...then I put the lidded jars into the water bath canner and processed for 10 minutes.

We weren't making a very big dent into the mangos we figured they would also make a tasty jam.
I peeled and pitted 6 mangos and blended in the vitamix.
 I followed the Certo recipe. This is made by the same company as the Sure-Jell, but it is liquid where the Sure-Jell is powder. 
Then I filled my prepared jars, and processed for 10 minutes in the water bath canner.

Two batches of yummy jam made...cant wait to see what fruits the co-op is offering next...what is your favorite jam?


Anne-Marie said...

Absolutely delicious! I'm a huge fan of homemade raspberry jam myself. =)

Cee Gee said...

Oh yummy, those look delicious! I am a big fan of any homemade much better than store bought!