Friday, April 5, 2013

The Price of Freedom is Written on the Wall

We got an amazing chance to see the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall. It is the largest traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall which is located in Washington D.C.

This 80% replica made its way to our small town of Cottonwood, and is 1 of 2 Arizona locations for 2013.

The Hubs and I went with our youngest grandson Orion.

The names with a plus sign are people who didnt make it home and their bodies were never recovered. Those who were killed and their bodies made it home have a diamond shape after their name.

I thankfully don't know anyone on the wall, but a friend has a family member on there so we looked up their wall location in the book and etched the name with a pencil over paper.

You can find more information about the wall and its schedule at the American Veterans Traveling Tribute website. Its an amazing thing to see and a great opportunity for people who cant make it to DC to see the original.

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