Monday, April 8, 2013

Soy Milk Foaming Bath

Hmmm, such a rough job I have. I must try every bath and body product I make before I sell choice, and not a bad choice at all. ;) I figure as sensitive as my skin is, if I can pass the test then I know it is very gentle on other skin types. So here we have a new product alert....a foaming bath powder with soy milk.
As you can see it foams up from the very start.
There is also pink kaolin clay in there, which adds a pretty hue to your tub water.
The tub is filled and as you can see it foamed up quite a bit. I put 2 capfuls in the tub.
As it drains it does leave some clay residue, but....
A cup of water swished at the end left  the tub clean with no scrubbing.
My skin really liked this, it didnt leave me irritated or red in any way. This is comes in a glass jar and sells in the store for $12.00.

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