Thursday, May 31, 2012

Overnight Excursion

With our granddaughters visit we thought that was a perfect excuse for an overnight excursion...The Hubs and I have not done that since our weekend in Greer six years ago...that is way too long!!

We planned it as a surprise and the suspense was just eating away at our granddaughter so she finally asked PLLEEEAASE tell me where we are going...Grampy's response...TO THE MOON!!! Hmmm she didnt like that answer, but that is the answer we kept up, so finally the morning of...

Kenzie: I know we are not going to the moon....we cant go to the moon...2 weeks ago they would have had to give us tests to be able to go.

Grammy: We got special permission, with Grampy being a pilot that makes us good to go.

Kenzie: MAYBE we are going to a place that LOOKS like the moon...oh maybe a science center....WAIT who wants to go to a science center in the middle of summer???!!

Grammy: But I thought you were a brainiac?

Kenzie: yeah but I dont want to learn in summer!!!

HAHAHA just gotta love off we went....and just what does the moon look like??

Bearizona! A drive-thru wildlife park where we had so much fun! They say allow for 2 hours...I say more like 3. We spent 2 hours alone at the walk thru part and watching the birds of prey show, where I got to see my most favorite animal....

A lil creepy to have him staring full on at you when you are only 3 feet away, but so very cool!!

The park is full of all kinds of animals, bears, lynx, wolves, bison and so much more. Totally worth the time spent there!!

Off to Williams Arizona for part B of our adventure....

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