Sunday, June 10, 2012

Play Ball!!

The Hubs and I were lucky enough to score some tickets to an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Not my first baseball game...but my first DBacks game and first time to the new field.

It is a gorgeous indoor air conditioned ball park. It was so incredibly comfortable to be able to sit and enjoy the game while it was 100 degrees outside...we had pretty good seats as well!!

It was the mascot Baxter's all his mascot friends came to help him celebrate. The Sun Devil mascot was the only one that came close...and he was even nice enough to pose for me.

Baby Girls favorite player came up to bat...and since I didnt get her a picture of Curt Warner at the airport, I snapped this one hoping to get back in her good graces. :)

We had a great day...and cant wait to go back to see another game!!

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