Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ORANGE??? What Happened to my Pink??!!

Sometimes when you cut a log of soap you get little surprises...sometimes wanted, other times not.

Like this fabulously unplanned, perfectly defined, crescent moon floating in my heart instead of the usual planned swirly blobs....this is cool!

Cutting my planned gorgeous shade of pink soap to find orange.....sooooo not cool!!!

But hey in soapmaking land this happens. I was going to use pink clay but opted for my pink mica instead. I went a little light on the coloring, and my first thought was it too light to withstand the high heat gel phase, so it morphed into orange....but what I am sure happened is my sample raspberry mica pack was mislabeled and is actually strawberry pop mica, which is known to morph to orange. It is still a pretty soap, but not quite the look I wanted for my egyptian geranium essential oil soap.

I tried a couple of new (to me) techniques. One is the spoon swirl....Baby Girl and I hand spooned each glop here. Takes a bit of time, and I obviously need more practice. Also I did my first soap curls and added on top because I love this look for florals.

All in all I think the soap looks great, and of course it smells wonderful....not quite what I was going for but the beauty of soaping is the buyer doesnt know what my intentions are, just that they ended up with a fabulous bar of soap. :)

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