Monday, September 19, 2011

Diary of a Pumpkin Soap

We make pumpkin soap only once a year, in the Fall. It is a warm and yummy scent perfect for the season. We use real pumpkin puree and then add a pumpkin scent that makes it smell good enough to eat. (but we wouldnt recommend that!)

Pumpkin tends to make the soap heat very fast and quite hot, so it is one of the few soaps I do not insulate. After a couple hours I realized that maybe this soap is not going to go through the gel phase after all....but I made that thought to soon and within a matter of minutes this baby heated right on up and went into full gel....

The dark spot in the middle is the gel phase turning the soap translucent....

And soon the entire log is in full gel.

And in the morning we find it cooled off and back to its original look....

And here is our finished product....Pumpkin soap with a line of cocoa sprinkled in.

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