Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grandsons Chipmunk Mission

Our 7 year old grandson Orion has been on a mission the past couple of weeks. He has had his mind set on catching one of the many chipmunks that live on our rocky bank. So after being told he couldn’t shoot one he set his mind to figure out how to trap one.

He borrowed a no kill trap from his dad…and after agreeing to set free his catch we let him set one up. Problem is we knew it wouldn’t catch a chipmunk due to the large size of the trap and the small feather light chipmunk couldn’t trigger it. But Grampy and I allowed him his “fun” and the trap was set in front of my truck, a piece of peanut buttered bread put in for “bait”.

Yesterday I head out for work….empty trap….Today I head out for work…hmmm…what is that in the trap? Did he create a nest to make it more inviting? I take off my sunglasses for a closer look….something stands up….and look what greeted me….ACK!

Orion of course is over the moon with the fact that he actually caught something. I have told The Hubs that is now the end to the trapping…I never in my wildest dreams thought he would catch anything…let alone a skunk!!! (He was actually a cute lil guy!)

So The Hubs threw a blanket over the trap and opened the door and it ran free…of course yes it sprayed first but thankfully he did not spray The Hubs!


Skip said...

Cute little skunk! Hope the spray wasn't too potent ;)

Luster Canyon said...

He was cute Skip!
The spray although didnt get on The Hubs it was potent enough that our lil pup could smell it and wouldnt stop sniffing until The Hubs changed his pants. lol

Anne-Marie said...

Eeek! I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to be curious about things like...gulp...skunks! =)

Luster Canyon said...

LOL Anne-Marie....for me being someone who only wanted girls...I have come to absolutely adore all the boy stuff my grandsons like to do, enjoy every step no matter how icky. :)