Saturday, January 16, 2010


Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove came to Soapies Supplies in Scottsdale to teach a full day of melt & pour soap class. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to learn from Debbie herself!! She is an absolute genuine sweet person and totally generous in any information you want to know in the world of glycerin soap making.

She taught us different techniques, and gave invaluable pointers on melting, pouring and coloring. I learned so much, and felt it was a fabulous experience.

Oh and there was also cuddle time with little Clayton here!!

Here is a soap using the technique of carving an initial into a layer of soap, and then pouring another layer of soap to fill it in and top off the soap bar.

Here we embedded soap, and I learned how hard I have been making it. This was so simple that I cant wait to make some of these for Valentines....a trip to Michaels on the way home has me now prepared. ;)

This was an interesting one for me. We used chocolate transfer sheets. I think it will be a harder one for me because I usually over think designs and cut outs, but I cant wait to order some of these sheets to give it a whirl.

Here we painted on the soap. This one is actually unfinished as the "paint" wasn't drying in time, so it still needs it's last layer. But I did a hot air balloon for hubby. Okay so I am not a great are-teest...but hubby knew what it was and that is what counts. :)
I had such a great day, and I thank Debbie so much for taking the time and making the long "no tunes" drive to come and teach us. Also thanks to Kelley for setting this up and providing us a place and the opportunity for class.
Thank you Debbie!!!!


nomadcraftsetc said...

You sound like you had the best day!
Good for you for learning new techniques!

Luster Canyon said...

HI Nomad, yes it was a wonderful day. I am always excited to learn new things, and yesterday couldnt have been any better.