Sunday, January 10, 2010

Horeshoe Ranch Show

Saturday I had my show at the Horseshoe Ranch where there was a celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Agua Fria National Monument. I didnt know what to expect as I had an invite to particpate just the week before by StarStruck! Event Planning. So I packed up what product we had, asked my grandson Joe to go along to help with setup...I cannot do a tent alone. I found out a couple days prior they would provide the tent, but my grandson decided to still go with me.

We got up early and loaded up and headed out. Driving out to the ranch it was quite a ways off the beaten path. The road was a dirt road that was long, windy & bumpy. When you think you will never get come around a curve to find the ranch spread out in the valley little site. I looked over to Joe and said...I dont know who is going to come out here.

So we get there and the wind is hard and biting....I was shaking it was so cold. No one was there to tell us which table was ours, so people start setting up, I told Joe we will wait (which we did in the car where it was warm). Good thing because those people that started setting up had to move....oops.

The setup wasnt ideal as far as layout, but they provided the tent, tables AND plus plus!!! We got set up fast and then just sat there waiting, then got some chips....then it was like the flood gates opened all of a sudden people were everywhere. Lots of people interested in my product, passed out a lot of cards.

There were some Native American dancers, but we were to busy to go watch, but oh the drums sounded awesome!! It was a great day, TONS of people and the weather warmed up to make it nice. Sorry I have no photos, I am happy to say I wasnt able to break away from my table.

Was a cool little event, and I am so happy I was asked to particpate. This was the best one day event we have done, even sales aside it was the best. It was a class act event, they got people there and kept them entertained. There was great food and great exhibits. I hope to be invited to more of this nature.

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