Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beans Things

I began following a companys fan page on Facebook called Beans Things. They create nature inspired pendants, earrings, rings and magnets. The images for most of their creations are up-cycled from paper....therefore, they're one-time only creations.

Beans Things put out a post for addresses of those that wanted "oopsie" items for free. So I sent my address....and found out we both live in the same town! What a small world.

Then I go through my stack of business cards I collect....sure enough I have one. I realize we were actually once at the same local craft fair, then I remembered why we didnt meet...I seem to recall someone knocking over their magnet display in front of it wasnt me even though I am that clutzy, lol. So in the midst of everyone helping I went back to my own booth.

So now on to these "oopsies". I received them in the mail...ummm...ok....Seriously?? Seriously!!

These are boo boos?

Because I would totally pay for these. If these are ones deemed "not for sale" quality, I'm going to say the ones sold must be pretty top knotch, because I thought these looked pretty good myself.

Check out this cute little bean.

Be sure to check out the Beans Things Etsy Shop, They have some really cute items, and with 90 items priced from $5 - $15 each, there are some really good deals there!!


BeansThings said...

Thanks so much!!!!!xoxoxox

Luster Canyon said...

You are most welcome, and Thank You!!

Anne-Marie said...

These are SO cute...going to check out BeansThings right now!