Monday, November 30, 2009

I received an email from two sampler companies, funny enough within the same week. Basically these companies have you send in a bunch of samples of your product that they divide out amongst a bunch of boxes that they sell. This was the first company that contacted me. So of course my OCD nature has to kick in and I must order one to "check" this out before I decide to participate or not.

The box cost $20 and included postage. The other company I think is $22, but I received their email after I purchased this one.

This is the package you receive it in. I have to say I was inpressed with the initial presentation. The box is very nice and eye catching....and was filled right up.

Check out all the loot here. Most were soap, which will make me pause in thinking if I want to do this type of marketing, kind of hard to be noticed when over half the items were soap.

I will be honest here as well and say...I wasnt overly impressed with the presentation of all the samples. Some I quickly tossed to the side as they did absolutely nothing for me. But I will go over some that caught mine and my daughters attention.

How totally cute is this little soap guy!!?? This came from Lolli Luscious and is absolutely adorable!

This is a cool little box from Purrfect Gifts. It is a box that could hang like an ornament and had a york peppermint patty enclosed in it.

I think this is a melt for a tart burner, it is a cute little butterfly.

These look like tasty treats from Rhoda Rose.

This is from SBS teas and has a tea and a soap sample, and they packaged them together very nicely.

Another soap along with a lip balm from Flower Branch Essentials. My daughter loved the smell of this soap. The lip balm is real nice, but I do wish it had ingredients with it.

So all in all I thought it was a nice box and a very cool idea. I think people should think out their packaging a little better and send their very best...after all the goal is to get noticed and receive sales in return?

If I do this I havent decided which company, there is this one...Sampler Village....and the other is...Out Of The Box Sampler. Should I try it out??? Any thoughts on these companies.


Elephunk said...

I say go for it! It seems like a great way to get your product and name out to people who may have never heard of etsy before, much less found your store.

Stockannette said...

Wow - what a lot of goodies!

I'm sure your stuff would totally stand out if you were in a sampler box!

Luster Canyon said...

I think I am going to go for it...but because I am an overthinker it will probably be the February box. ;)
Now just need to pick which company...which

Sampler Village said...

Hi Stacie!
Glad you liked the box, you are right there is alot of soap, bath and body are the main samples in any sample box. I believe that all soap is different and all are welcome in the boxes. I want promote small business and the sample boxes is a great way to do that. Also packaging if very important and I stress that, some are just not sure how to package the samples, I give them tips and such but they must package and label their samples as they see fit. Whether your choose Sampler Village or Out of the Box Sampler (which is great also!) I hope you have fun doing it!
Happy New Year!
Traci - Sampler Village

Luster Canyon said...

HI Traci! How nice of you to post here. I having been working on getting my samples together, and if I can make it by the 10th I will be signing up on your page soon. :)