Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Losing a First Tooth

Tonight our youngest grandson Orion lost his first tooth. My husband Ron has pulled the first tooth of all three of his kids....his 2 oldest grandsons...and now in keeping with tradition he got to pull Orion's. His mom thought he would have lost it in school, and since he didnt she drove him to our house so Grampy could have the honor.

He was such a big boy about it. I was there for the youngest child and 2 grandkids...and they would start crying when you looked at them and hadnt even touched the tooth. Not Orion, he was so good and didnt make a peep.

When asked how much he thought the tooth fairy would bring...he said he would like the tooth fairy to leave him $6.00, lol.


Linsart said...

This is so precious ! Such trust with his Grandfather, that is a wonderful thing. Such a brave boy ! You all must be proud of him, and I am sure that the Tooth Fairy will reward him for being so good about it ! I know she was watching him and Grandpa~ Thanks too, for the comment on my pendants on my blog. Linda

Luster Canyon said...

Yes he had total trust, didnt even flinch or say it hurt.
Your pendants are awesome...I am checking out your etsy, you have soooo many! Very cool!

Ellen said...

What a sweet face!

Mama Sews! said...

how sweet! my second child just came home from school with her first loose tooth. those big teeth just make them seem so grown up!

RhiannonSTR said...

That is such a nice tradition! We have the same tiny little tooth fairy pillow that my brother and I used to keep the tooth in with a little pocket for money. I can understand why he wants $6.00 from the tooth fairy, after all with inflation ... ;)