Monday, November 2, 2009

First 2 Day Show

Just had my first two day show. A lot of work, but very enjoyable. We loved our booth location and had fun getting it all set up the night before. Here is my crew...on the left is my good friend Anissa who we could not have done there in the middle, and on the right my grandson Joe, and also hubby who is behind the camera.

Here we are the morning of day one doing last minute touches. My girls came to help, and being Halloween Day they dressed in spirit of the day.

I had bought some new lace toppers for my tables as I try to work on my display, but since every show there has to be something I forget....well that was it. So maybe the next show I will get to try them out. But all in all I thought our set up looked great.

Here are the soaps....


And my beautiful helpers. :)

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