Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Did You Miss Me?

Did anyone even notice I was on hiatus lol…an unplanned hiatus?! December was a rough month in the Wyatt household. I was sick for over 4 weeks…I haven’t been sick with a cold in literally years…YEARS! The Hubs has at least 2 a year and I have never caught it, well this time I caught it AND I got years worth of payback I guess. Eventually it turned to bronchitis…but I am now on the mend and feeling up to rejoining the world.

Our son and his family were to come for Christmas…but the military changed their mind and instead gave them new orders to move…but hey at least it is to Hawaii!!

THEN worst of all…my sweet dear kitty also came down ill…anemia…and after weeks of caring and force feedings trying to nurse him back…I sadly had to say goodbye this past weekend as he got untreatably worse. Extremely heartbroken!!

So Christmas 2013 was basically a bust and I am very much looking onward to 2014 being a better year. I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and you are staying warm…and here’s to looking forward to Christmas 2014, in HAWAII!!

Now on to the new (and hopefully better) New Year!!
So what would everyone like to see posted this year?

  • Soaps?
  • The making processes? (I will finish up my WSP scent review series and hope to add other companies)
  • Peeks into our daily life?
  • Food recipes? (I am on a new trial of a gluten free/paleo diet for my newly not happy belly AND I now have a dehydrator and juicer and having crazy fun with them)

C’mon my friends, sound off and tell me what you would like to read?


Christina said...

Oh my gosh.... glad you're on the mend and so sorry about your kitty. That's always hard.

Here's to a SUPER prosperous 2014!!

Mokhe said...

Poor kitty :(

I really enjoyed your honest scent reviews. Thanks for sharing and I hope there are more to come too!

Ben said...

Scent reviews :)

Cee Gee said...

Welcome back, I missed you~! Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, here's to a fantastic deserve it! I enjoy your scent review posts too, very helpful :)