Monday, November 11, 2013

WSP FO Review #9 of 15 - Sugar and Spice

UGH, where to begin on this scent....Sugar & Spice, you played oohhh so NOT nice! Scent description is ..."Spun sugar evokes something sweet while hints of coriander and cardamom offer spice"...I get none of this. To me it smells like a sweet floral...and it is not fun to soap at all!

Yikes! What a mess. This seized so bad on me, and no previous reviews stated this, so I was unprepared. 


The end result is not pretty. It also has zappy lye spots.

...and is just ugly! 
I thought of rebatching this since I haven't done that before and thought it could be a good learning experience, but since I don't care much for the scent I don't find myself very I think my garbage can is going to smell pretty this week.
Not too bad though to be 9 fragrances in and this is the first I don't care to say...I will not soap this one again.


BPR Designs said...

I guess they can't all be winners, right? Your garbage person will be pleased!

Christina said...

Oh nooo!!!! I hate that too, All that work for a not so great result. Sorry Stacie.

Lindsey @ Bear Soap said...

Jeez - what a total bummer. I swear, all of your soaps look so amazing I bet the universe thought it would be nice to throw you a curve ball.
To me it's always discouraging b/c of the cost of lost materials! The oils and such.
Oh, well. On to the next!