Friday, June 14, 2013

Satsuma Guava Glycerin Soap

Can you tell I am obsessed with my new mold? I cannot stop making soaps in this perfect sized mold.
Todays soap is a pretty yellow and white swirled soap that is scented with Satsuma Guava...A tropical fruit paradise with green fruity notes of guava, lemon and orange with an addition of sweet jasmine and neroli.

The glycerin soap is colored with yellow mica, and then "swirled" with goat milk soap.

You can purchase this fabulous smelling soap by clicking here.


Anne-Marie said...

I am so glad that you picked up that mold -- it really is one my favorites. You can use it for small batches, or even use it to test your newest concocted recipe. I really love how your soap turned out, very light, airy and summery. =)

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks Anne-Marie!
This is truly my favorite mold now. It is the perfect size for a new technique or scent trials. Love it!