Monday, June 3, 2013

Red White & Blue

I saw this great tutorial on the Soap Queen's Blog and I thought it would be the perfect first project to break in my new cube mold.
Layer red looked more pink while making it so I was a bit worried, but it looked red when the other colors were here is layer one all "roughed" up....
I did the same with the white goat milk layer, and then poured the blue...unmolded...and WAH WAH :( no where near as nice as the Soap Queen's results...guess that's why she's the queen huh? :)

So what to do when you get lemons? Make lemonade...I cut them in half to reveal the gorgeous wave of layers I intended...YAY! I love them!

You can purchase these fun guest sized soaps in our Etsy shop for $3 each. They are scented with a sugared raspberry scent, perfect for summer.


Anne-Marie said...

I totally love how your soaps turned out, and that blue is gorgeous deep hue. These little soaps are going to go so fast in your shop with that delicious raspberry scent. =)

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks Anne-Marie, the blue is your liquid blue mixed with your non-bleeding teal, they mix together nicely.