Monday, April 4, 2011

Tasks to Accomplish

Day 1 of The Hubs working the shop alone….and oh how I have such high hopes of accomplishing stuff!!!

The shop closes at 5:30 and is an hour drive from home…I get off work at 4pm, so this gives me 2 full hours of aloneness in the house. When The Hubs is home, I for some reason accomplish NOTHING. I seem to be just lazy and unmotivated. So I am hoping to take advantage of no excuses of interruptions during the week and actually get things done. Now just what is on my agenda??

Well cleaning for one, I know....I said the dreaded yucky word, but I know I can do it.

Another big task I would like to do….WII Fit, this may be the hardest task to find motivation for….but I plan to try. Anyone do WII Fit?

Lastly I plan to cook dinners. Today I sent Baby Girl to the store with a list of items to be able to make a weeks worth of meals. Anyone have receipes to share for next weeks meals?

Stay tuned and lets see if I can manage to stay on track this week…..


CrazyK said...

You can do it!!!

Luster Canyon said...

Thanks CrazyK. Didnt get done as much as I wanted, but still did a lot and I made dinner AND did the dishes already....LOVE a clean sink! :)

Anne-Marie said...

I hope you were able to keep on track this week! And here's to a great weekend =)