Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stamp Camp and Soaping

I know I have been MIA for a much to do to keep up... I am in awe of those that can do it all....I am a work in progress for that.

The shop is going great, but we see we need to get going on soaping in order to keep up. We are closed Easter Sunday so we are planning that day to kick out a bunch of logs of soap, of course fitting in making a ham dinner for the family.

We made a couple soaps the other night...looking at it now you would think it was for a baby shower, but the blue is Arizona Sunshine, and the pink swirl is Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Of course I have to have some fun in here somewhere so I am having a couple friends over tomorrow night for our own stamp camp. We have each come up with a project to share with the are the pieces of mine....

....whatever shall it turn out to be?? Be sure to come back over the weekend to see. :)

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