Monday, September 20, 2010

Snake loose in the house....

....and it is NOT a pet!!!

On Friday my daughter and niece found a snake in the house…Yes I said a snake…INSIDE…our…house!

It was just a lil pencil sized one…probably a king snake, but it was a snake, that did not belong indoors!

The girls got it cornered in the bathroom, and then THEY…not one…THEY BOTH went to get a cup to put it in to release back outside. When they went back to the bathroom…yes you guessed it, the snake has now disappeared INSIDE…our…house!

When I got home after work I did an initial search, knowing I was not going to spot this tiny guy unless he wanted me to. I did my best to not panic knowing it was harmless, and finding a tad bit of comfort knowing I have 3 cats that more than likely would see it as a fun new toy.

I let one of the cats sleep in the room with us that first night….just in case it surfaced I knew she would be on it. He finally surfaced in the living room on Sunday. I was seriously elbow deep in the middle of making soap (coconut milk soap) and we were getting it in the mold, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Miss Lily, our oldest and slowest kitty, and the lil pup Billy intently looking at something together in the living room, then Lily was pawing something….I knew instantly what was going on and I yelled LILY HAS IT - LILY HAS IT - LILY HAS IT, so The Hubs went to corral it while I finished getting my gloves off as quick as I could, and find him a bowl to catch it and get it outside where it belongs!

I wanted to run and grab the camera, but The Hubs thought that was absurd and that I should just help him and get the door open so he can get it out, lol.

I am sure you would much rather a picture of the soap I was working than the snake anyway….so here it is.

It is made with coconut milk and scented with coconut lemongrass.


ParadisePurls said...

Yikes! I think I would have freaked out...I know I wouldn't have been able to sleep with a little snake lurking. You made me laugh wanting to get a hubby sounds like mine! :D

Annette said...

Oh, I would have such a hard time sleeping and just generally functioning knowing that it was residing in the house...I would try to get a picture too, but sometimes husbands just don't understand the blogging thing and the need to capture everything for your posts...Too funny :)

Xenia said...

Okay, now my skin is crawling a little bit! I'm pretty sure I would have been packing a bag to go check into a hotel until I heard confirmation that the snake was out of my house... you're much braver than I am!

That soap looks great, by the way! I bet the coconut lemongrass smells wonderful!

Shelley said...

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Hanna said...

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