Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Shows are Back!


I will admit it....I LOVE TV! I love a very long list of TV shows. The new season has started, so my shows are back...along with some new ones.

I really do not need to add a new show to my long list, but there was nothing on the other night, and I made the mistake of watching "The Event". Ah shucks, how is it I can get suckered in so I must watch next week to see what is going on.

Housewives of DC....still not sure about fact I find them a bit boring, but the Atlanta wives are starting soon...I do like them.

Project Runway....really like this show and I am amazed at the creativity and talent. To whip up an outfit, without a pattern, in a day or two? Awesome talent!

Top Model....why o why do I love this show?? Seriously I feel I must see every episode of every season, lol.

AND TONIGHT........GREY'S ANATOMY! This show is my love. Starting back up here I close to go watch it.

What is you favorite show?

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