Thursday, September 5, 2013

Soap Trio

Today I am soaping a trio of soaps...livin' large today. :)

First up was apple orchard...I was most looking forward to this one...and it thickened on me. UGH! I barely hit the stick blender and it moved to soap in a blink of an eye. Now most people would probably just shove into the Oh no I am too stubborn for that...
...I am getting color in this soap! So I divide off not one but 2...a red and some soap batter with titanium dioxide...and I forced into the mold with big glops of my spatula...oh such disappointment here...crossing fingers.

Next up is sweet pea. such a pretty scent.

I also made lilac, but forgot a picture of it in the mold...three soap batches back to back to back...tiring. So I was thankful a photo was all that was forgotten. :) 

Here are our finished floral soaps...lilac above which I keep pretty simple with just a white topper. and below is the sweet pea...where my pink morphed...

...oh you silly soap gremlins were having too much fun with me how about that apple orchard scent that thickened much to fast for me....  

LOVE IT!! It actually came out and looks wonderful to me!! 

Successful day and 3 pretty soapies. :)

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Cee Gee said...

These turned out so great! I love them all, what a surprise with the pink morphing..but it works! Love the tall Lilac bars too and the warm-looking apple soaps. Looks like you beat the soap gremlins this time! :D