Monday, February 4, 2013

Polenta Pizza

Super Bowl Sunday means homemade pizza, not sure how this tradition got started but The Hubs looks forward to his pizza every superbowl. This year I am trying to be a bit healthier so I made his...and something different for me, polenta pizza I saw over at Forks over Knives...My polenta "crust" is on the right, and The Hubs traditional pizza is getting sauced on the left.


I made a basil pesto sauce....

Put a thin layer on and then layered potatoes I had thinly sliced and steamed, on top of that goes caramelized onions...the onions didnt get "caramelized" but they were cooked and sprinkled over the potatoes.
On top of all of that we sprinkled nutritional yeast...and to make it "my own" I of course had to add pineapple, because I LOVE pineapple on my pizza.

I really liked it, Baby Girl does not care for pesto so she didnt like it so much, but we have an idea to change it up so look for that post in the future...but for me, I thought it was really good, the hardest part was cooking the polenta...oh and slicing my finger on the slicer...luckily it was the last swipe, but I was so close to an incident free cooking close.

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