Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Fun Fairs!

This was a big weekend for us...for the first time we did 2 shows on the same weekend! I did one in Camp Verde, and The Hubs wanted to do one in another town over. How to do this...hmmmm....

Thank goodness for Friday night set ups. So we drove and unloaded me and got the tent up, then while I set up The Hubs went and set his location up.

We both worked our shows and thankfully stayed busy, but mine ended early and The Hubs was going strong...and he had the trailer.

So Baby Girl helped me tear down and somehow got us all packed up in my lil Escape. There was NO ROOM left. We were PACKED!!

I rode with a display rack on my lap, but it's all good.

It was better than waiting 3 hours for The Hubs. Only bad part was that I couldnt reach my purse to get money to buy us a much wanted Starbucks treat on the way home, good thing the cooler with water was between the seats. :)

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Anne-Marie said...

Wow that is one packed Escape! Glad to hear you pulled off two good shows in one weekend. What an adventure.