Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blazin' Good Time!

Last night we went to a local chuckwagon supper and live western show. We try to go at least once every year, and usually try to make the excuse to go more when we have company. So our Georgia Peach guest Danel is now winding down her stay with us so we all took her out to the show.

You get a great meal...the spice cake is my fave part, I ate mine, The Hubs, and grandson Joe's mmm love it!!
They also call up all the birthday people...mine was last week so I purposely did not want to go then...well guess what, that apparently is still close enough to them and they call you up.
So Danel being a good sport went up there in my place....see what a good sport she was about it.

They have a lil shooting game...check out my six shooters!

But then the law came and threw them in jail...ah so sad!

Sasparilla Bartender!!!

Ummm, yes...this is a part of the cowboy show.

OOoooo Sppoooky Ghost Rider!

And last but certainly not gotta love Otis! To me he is the best part of the show! He picked on our guest for a little during the show...which made it even more fun.

Great time was had by all! I highly recommend the Blazin M Ranch!


BusyB said...

ah love that you ate all the spice cake lol...would have done same :) not sure about that gost rider... lol i get scared easy!!!

hey dont forget this week is my giveaway! : )

Anne-Marie said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast. The Soap Guild Show was themed country wester this year, everyone had tons of fun!

customdesigns4ubynan said...

Hi - found you through SBS. I used to be on the list too, but haven't participated in a little while. Sounds like you're having a great summer!