Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chili Cookoff!

This has to have been the funnest show we have done to date. Of course the one in the prettiest area as well, and do you think I took my camera??? Nope!!

We started off making the wrong turn and ended into a nearby show...oops. So had to get out of there and go the .4 down the road to ours. It was in this cute little park surrounded by tall pines....OH MY do I love the smell of our Prescott Pines!!!

We set up, and met the funnest booth neighbors we have EVER had, and we just had the best day ever.

We tasted some "world class" chili...the winner was going off to the world championship...but I just gotta say...I like my chili best! lol

It threatened rain all day, but we had just clouds and a little wind...not typical Flag winds, so it was nice. Not many people came out, but we truly had the best day ever!

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The Sassy Purse

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