Monday, March 1, 2010

Whipped Soap

My friend and I tried a new soap making technique this past weekend. It is whipped soap, you dont melt any of the oils down, just add to the mixer and start whipping, and add very cold lye water to it. It was a fun process and I cant wait to cut the bars and see how they soap up.

Here are the hard oils being whipped. Palm Oil, Coconut Oil & Beef Tallow.

Now we add the soft oils, Olive Oil & Castor Oil.

Pouring in the lye water.

Adding the lime based essentail oil blend.

Whipping...whipping...and whipping some more....

We added a green color to match the theme of the scent and then poured it in the log. In a couple days we will cut the bars and hopefully I will have something good to show you. :)

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