Monday, February 8, 2010

First Ever Failed Lip Balm Batch

I have been making lip balms for almost 3 years now. Started making them as I call myself a chapstickaholic. I am never far from lip balm. I have them in every room of the house, a few at my desk at work, a handful in the bedroom....and after losing a whole load of clothes to the lipbalm left in my pocket one husband now checks every single pocket before doing the laundry. So suffice it to say....I LOVE LIP BALM!

Today I made 5 different batches of lip balm. As I was cleaning them up before labeling, I noticed one of the batches...just didnt look quite right. I twisted one up...hmmm...that will not work. See how soft it is?? The one on the right is the no good batch, the one on the left is how it should be.

I am a triple measurer...and even measure my entire batch to make sure it weighs the total. I cant figure out what went wrong. It was a new flavor oil, so all I can assume is that was the culprit....that flavor oil is now in my garbage.

Luckily these 4 batches were just fine. :) So I think I am ready for my show on February 20. I just may make an unflavored batch....then I will be ready...well as far as lip balms go, still have some work to prepare on the soap and lotions. :)

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