Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's Words to Live By

Your job won't be there to take care of you when you are down and out, but good friends and family will. Keep in touch with them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too Sick to Blog :(

I have been sick the last 3 days, first pupper dog, and now he is feeling better and running around like nothing, and now I am sick. No fun! I havent even been able to write anything here.

I have 3 shows coming up and this huge TO DO list....but I didnt mark one thing off of it this past weekend. That is a tad depressing, but better to get rested and better so I can be around for the shows. I am almost ready for the one on October 10, just have one lotion batch to make....but dear sweet hubby who is seriously motivated about our business, talked me into a show on October 17, so I have a few more things to get done for that one.

So I am hoping I get better in the next day or two and get to marking things off my list as done...then I will feel a lot better! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are expanding!!

But just for the holidays! The booth next to us has come up empty twice since we moved in, so we are going to take it over through the holidays and hopefully fill it with a lot of goodies.

We have a lot of new scents coming up. Pink Sugar, Vanilla, Bay Rum, Karma (Lush Dupe), Et Une Rose (which makes me smile because the smell reminds me of my grandmother), Buttermilk and Honey. But of course we are keeping our best sellers. Satsuma Guava, Sunny Days, & Lemon Zest.

We have gift bags and gift baskets made up to make your holiday shopping easier.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday - Geocaching

Here is my hubby and I out geocaching. Actually on this day we were hiding geocaches of our own. This can take some time because you have to find the right spot for your container. It needs to be hidden out of plain site, but in a safe location. We like more family oriented caches, so we try to keep small children in mind for most of our caches. Old trees make great hiding spots as they usually have a lot of natural hidey holes to use. Here is a container that we put into a hole in a tree. This is the hardest to find cache we have hidden.

We have many different style hides, most common hides are Tupperware containers, or ammo boxes like this, that you cover with rocks or brush.

Then we have some hides that are camoflauged baggies which can be tucked away most anywhere….here is a secret baggie hide.

After you have secured your hiding spot you then have to get as accurate coordinates as you can. I usually take at least 3 readings to be sure I am getting the same numbers. If I am not, I continue until I think it is pretty close. We have found cache coordinates to be way off on some hides, which can make for a frustrating day. We have discovered windy or cloudy days actually affect how accurate we are. Here I am concentrating on getting my coordinates.

To date we have found over 900 geocaches. Our goal for this year was to reach 1000, but we got busier with the business than anticipated, so that goal is on hold for now. :) But I have a lot of fun caches and hide styles and themes I will be posting about in the future.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller

I discovered *lovelab* today, and she makes these really cute cards.....*glamour gals*.

She handcrafts each one individually, so no two are the same. She will do special requests if you have a name or saying you want on your card.

Yes we do deserve nice things. Very cute work!! Check her out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Planning Halloween

Just goofing around trying to plan halloween soapies. These are ok, but I need to work on the detail better.

I am eyeing this project...pun intended. ;)

Just have to order the mold and I will be making up some eyeballs for some embeds.

What is your favorite Halloween shape or symbol? Spooky and scary....or traditional?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Etsy Pounce Window Shopping

Since I am working hard on getting my etsy shop going, I like to use the Etsy Pounce feature to check out people in my same position.

So today I "pounced" upon this shop Berkshire Bags and Accessories and thought these were so adorable!!

They are handcrafted in Arizona....which ok yes is my own state, but I didnt realize that until I read the shop profile. I don't know this company, but I have bookmarked it for future because I think their purses are absolutely too cute!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friday

We always dream of these trips to take, San Francisco, Ireland, Catalina…. then we realized there is so much fun right in our own “backyard”. So my posts will of course be about my state of Arizona, but hopefully it will inspire you to go out and enjoy something in your own “backyard”.

Our “trips” are always centered around geocaching. That is our favorite fun thing to do. Don’t know about geocaching? Well let’s start off Fun Fridays learning about geocaching so my future posts will make more sense to you.

Geocaching is a hobby/sport/obsession and has nothing to do with cash. Basically you:

Hide a container containing a logbook
Log the coordinates with a GPS
Post the information on

Then people find it

Now when you find a geocache you:

Log your name in the log book contained in the cache
If it is a container of goodies you can take something if you leave something
Then you log about your experience on

Fairly simple, but some of the hides are not. General hides are an ammo box hidden out in the woods filled with inexpensive toys (happy meal type). But then there are tough hides about the size of a pencil eraser hidden in town where Muggles (non cachers) abound. So you have to be stealth in looking and retrieving so a Muggle doesn’t catch you. Some Muggles are not nice and steal the caches.

Being FTF (first to find) is extremely fun, but not the goal, the goal is to have fun quality family time. My family’s team name is the The Wandering Wyatt’s.

There you have it, geocaching in a nutshell.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Scents

Just listed 3 new scents in our etsy shop.
We added Cantaloupe, Cucumber Mint and Jasper. Jasper is a scent named Dragon's Blood, but my family was not to keen on that name, so we renamed it Jasper partly due to the dark color the fragrance turns the soap. Even though it is so dark, the bubbles are still white.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Tent Show

We had our first tent show today. We participated in the World Arts Festival in Prescott Valley, Arizona. It was a great day. I had no clue what to expect so we just showed up with our product ready for the day. We met a lot of nice people who enjoyed our lotions.
It threatened rain on us, but thankfully none fell. The wind however did kick up quite hard, but luckily that did not last too long. Our tent held up nicely in it.
All in all it was a great day, can't wait for our show next month. :)