Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun Friday - Geocaching

Here is my hubby and I out geocaching. Actually on this day we were hiding geocaches of our own. This can take some time because you have to find the right spot for your container. It needs to be hidden out of plain site, but in a safe location. We like more family oriented caches, so we try to keep small children in mind for most of our caches. Old trees make great hiding spots as they usually have a lot of natural hidey holes to use. Here is a container that we put into a hole in a tree. This is the hardest to find cache we have hidden.

We have many different style hides, most common hides are Tupperware containers, or ammo boxes like this, that you cover with rocks or brush.

Then we have some hides that are camoflauged baggies which can be tucked away most anywhere….here is a secret baggie hide.

After you have secured your hiding spot you then have to get as accurate coordinates as you can. I usually take at least 3 readings to be sure I am getting the same numbers. If I am not, I continue until I think it is pretty close. We have found cache coordinates to be way off on some hides, which can make for a frustrating day. We have discovered windy or cloudy days actually affect how accurate we are. Here I am concentrating on getting my coordinates.

To date we have found over 900 geocaches. Our goal for this year was to reach 1000, but we got busier with the business than anticipated, so that goal is on hold for now. :) But I have a lot of fun caches and hide styles and themes I will be posting about in the future.

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