Monday, August 31, 2009

Wild West SoapFest

I spent yesterday at the Wild West SoapFest that was hosted by The Arizona Conference. Those girls sure know how to put on an event. It was my first time to one of the TAC events, and I am hooked and cannot wait for more. I even won a prize. I never win anything so I was very excited about that. I won a wonderful 3D soap mold generously donated by one of the members. Can’t wait to try it out.

There were 3 different classed. First class was CP (Cold Process) soap and we did 3 different ones, a shaving soap with additives, a layered soap, and a slab swirl.

Then it was on to Melt and Pour. I have to admit I had no intentions to do Melt and Pour soap, but it was a lot of fun and you can get so creative with it. Melt and Pour soap is basically like it sounds, melt down a premade base, and pour into your mold. Very easy….so that is where creativity takes over to dress it up. Oh the things you can do.

Then the last class was my favorite. Mineral Makeup. This will be so fun, and I possibly see a Minerals line in my future.

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